I was living in a town called Halfway when snowboarding came into my life. It was a package deal – snowboarding and a new dad. I had lost my dad. It was the best package I’ve ever received. I was 5.

My new dad wasn’t just a snowboarder, but a snowboard cameraman. He had absolutely legendary stories and even more legendary friends. I quickly and completely became obsessed. And I chased that obsession through most of high school. Snowboarding took a back seat while I attended college, but my love for it didn’t. After I graduated I started chasing the dream again. Snowboarding was calling me back… Back to Halfway…

Where the idea for ½ Way There began to formulate. I saw the house where we lived and the hill where I first strapped in. I rode the humble resorts I’d learned to ride at. It was like time traveling and I began to see a different side of my passion and formulate new goals for life on a snowboard.

½ Way There catalogs my journey through snowboarding and the struggle of finding my place within it. The self-filmed footage, set to music I’ve created and accompanied by deeply personal thoughts and memories, is meant to portray what it is to be somewhat of a loner in the snowboard world. On the fringe but with a deep and mature love for the sport. Constantly wondering if I’m good enough, if I fit in, or if I’m in the right place. Toeing the line between stoke and defeat.

You see, I often feel a bit of a wrong place, wrong time feeling with respect to snowboarding and other aspects of life. Serendipitous happenings often seem to blow right by. Near misses that leave you right there in the middle. ½ Way. What if’s and negative thoughts abound. But how do I dissolve the feeling that I’m not where I’m supposed to be – in life, in work, in my relationships? How do I change that narrative? How do I focus on the present and make the most out of my circumstances? I ride. And at the end of the day, I love it more than anything.

You won’t find any massive gaps or ground breaking tricks in here. But what you will find – I hope – is beauty, style, precision, and a thoughtful, meditative approach to snowboarding. This project lies in the gentle but unforgiving space between exposure and passion, professionalism and virginity. You’ll find a dialogue between true love and the influence of the social media age and the feelings of disconnect, anxiety and longing that it can create. You’ll find a struggle to maintain a healthy nostalgia for the past while pushing into the future and somehow remaining present. You’ll find conversation with self-doubt in a world that is currently thriving off of the stuff. You’ll find happiness and confusion. You will find me; ½ Way There.

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