Brett Barley, Ben Weiland, and Elli Magnusson Chase the First Winter Swell Across the Artic

“Looking for the waves in the Arctic isn’t easy,” announces nomadic wave-hunting videographer Ben Weiland in the trailer for a new winter surf adventure, “A Race Against Time.” For those in the know, it’s likely the understatement of the year.

Looking for waves in that region involves all the complications of a typical surf-expedition—journeys to remote areas, fickle conditions, etc.—multiplied by a rough estimate of one thousand. What’s more: there’s not exactly some comprehensive “Surfing California”-esque equivalent for the Nordic islands (get on it, Bank Wright!).

Accompanied by photographer Elli Thor Magnusson and OBX-based combo-king, Brett Barley, Weiland and crew traverse the far reaches of of the Artic, rolling the dice on the opportunity to score one potentially promising swell. And judging by the shimmering blue tubes shown in the trailer above, from our perch here—sitting in front of a laptop in a climate controlled environment—hey, looks worth the trouble!

Photography: Elli Thor Magnusson

Music: “Colors” by Talk Time.