“Sometimes plans are just plans – illusionary ideas of a desired future, which then more or less correspond to the subsequent reality. The idea for this project was to discover new, less frequented places for snowboarding with a well-rehearsed crew around Simon Pircher, Flo Corzelius and Sebastian Madlener – starting out in Lebanon, the multicultural Japan of the Middle East. While this first foray into uncharted territory went mostly according to plan, a certain global pandemic quickly threw a wrench in our plans thereafter. Travel ban, exit restrictions, stay-at-home. Uncertainty – absolute poison for plans.

So we discarded any wishful thinking and took advantage of the opportunities that suddenly opened up in our immediate surroundings. Spots, that were an absolute no-go before, were suddenly an option. People were too busy to be bothered with adults playing around with their boards. The snow was all-time.

So Discard is exactly that – not, what we had initially imagined, but in the end better than we could have ever dreamed.”

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