Finn Iles Full Speed Enduro Showdown in the Rain | Sound Of Speed

Can you imagine the sounds of a winter storm rolling into coastal British Columbia? Or the sounds of rain drops pouring down through the lush forests of Vancouver Island? What about the sounds of a perfectly dialled mountain bike slashing through sticky berms, slippery roots & muddy puddles? Combine all of these together with @Finn Iles as the “conductor” & we get to enjoy nothing short of a symphony on two wheels. A true raw classic – the Sound of Speed.

100% Raw riding, Raw trails & Raw sound = Sound of Speed!
Sound of Speed fuses incredible riding with ground-breaking filmmaking for the ultimate two-wheeled rush! This series is designed to showcase mountain biking in its fastest, most exhilarating and exciting form. From Downhill, Enduro to Slopestyle & Freeride listen to the pure sound of this incredible sport!

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