FLYT | TORSTEIN HORGMO | Official Trailer

ShredBots is proud to present FLYT. A 5 part series coming to the ShredBots channel December 1st.  

Torstein is unquestionably one of the most influential riders of his generation. He is not just a snowboarder, he is a creator. A true visionary. From directing his films to producing music, he has been quietly pushing these boundaries for years, never wanting to re-create the same thing twice.

This series documents Torstein’s creative process, from a previously unseen perspective, during a travel restricted season that rerouted his travels and uncovered a new path for him and his crew. Come along for the journey as Torstein gets personal and guides us though his view on how he finds balance and flow his way.  

FLYT – /flīt/ – Norwegian for flow or float.

Supported by Rockstar Energy

Craig Gouweloos
Sam Tuor
Greg Kennagh
Torstein Horgmo

Craig Gouweloos

Additional riders:
Red Girard
Yuki Kadono
Chad Otterstrom
Doran Laybourn
Craig Gouweloos

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