Speed & Style Finals | Crankworx Whistler 2019

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In words of 2013 winner Martin Soderstrom, the name of the game in Speed & Style is: “go fast and do tricks.” Easier said than done.

The athlete to make it down the course the fastest wins the speed points, but it by no means trumps style. Crankworx racers earn additional points by adding tricks mid-race. This event offers a glimpse of the future of freestyle with riders breaking into the slopestyle mtb scene hitting this course first. Come race time, it all comes to a head, with fresh blood and seasoned pros racing side-by-side through tricked-out dual tracks. Dirt will fly, tricks will roll and one rider will emerge the master of speed and style.

Bringing you all the action from Whistler, Canada, the Crankworx 2019 tour will see Pumptrack, Speed & Style, Dual Slalom and Red Bull Joyride LIVE on Red Bull TV.