Sunday in the Park 2019: Episode 5

This week Sunday in the Park get’s an Airblaster takeover. With the latest stop of the SKOLF Tour swinging through Bear this past week, the full Airblaster crew assembled in sunny SoCal for a park progression session unlike any other. Sit back and enjoy the latest installment of your regularly scheduled Sunday programming, and make sure to keep an eye out for the official SKOLF tour recap video coming soon.

Featuring riding from Erik Leon, Taylor Carlton, Stanley Leveille, Colt Morgan, Johnny Miller, Max Tokunaga, Tucker Andrews, and Max Warbington.

Filming/Editing: Kyle Schafer @jupiterpeople

Motion Graphics: Kyle Schafer @jupiterpeople

Photo: Jeep Eddy @jeepeddy

Songs: Run DMC – Peter Piper , Liz Brady – PalladiumFor the latest TWSNOW updates, follow us on:
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