The Crap Show 2021 #1 LAAX

It’s been quite a challenging season so far, with a pandemic that’s trying to shut us down and the weather that doesn’t really know how to act. Shifting from full Siberian winter to mellow spring temperatures from one day to the next, we’ve had all kinds of conditions in the past few weeks. But if there’s one thing we’re good at, it’s accepting a challenge and tackling it. We’ve worked off our asses and thanks to the support of the snowmaking team, we’ve managed to put down a pretty damn fun park on the Curnius slope. P60 ALL DAY is back and so is The Crap Show!
Need some motivation for your next few laps down P60? Hit the play button and get inspired!

Riders: Lucas “Yung Doli” Baume, Jonas Thiémard, Flo Cornelius,Sina Candrian, Ludvig Billtoft, Jonas “JJ” Junker, Kevin Trammer, Max Bärtsch & Severin van der Meer