The Crap Show 2021 #6 LAAX

It’s with mixed feelings that we share the sixth and final episode of The Crap Show for this season. We’re beyond stoked about how this season has been so far, but at the same time we’re deeply sad it’s coming to an end soon!
Spring is our favourite season up on the Crap Sogn Gion and we believe that the shots in this episode are a perfect explanation for this statement. Sun, slush and an amazing park setup is the best combination for us park rats.

Hit the play button to watch Florian Fischer get creative on P60 and see a bunch of shredder girls show off their moves.To end things off, the Snowpark Laax crew takes over and play around in the playground they built!

Riders: Florian Fischer, Celia Petrig, Yulia Proydina, Carla Somaini & the Snowpark Laax Crew – Mike Dargel, Patrick ‘Pede’ Camenzind, Jah Harris, Giovanni Rizzi, Hrund Hanna Thor, Silvano Deflorin, Richard ‘RJ’ Salyer, Luca Kuppelwieser & Dries Meesschaert