The Crap Show 2023 #1 LAAX

Mother Nature has been testing us lately, leaving us with almost no snow and temperatures that we usually get around spring time. Nevertheless, we’re pretty damn proud of the park we were able to build, thanks to the huge efforts of our snowmaking and park building crews.

And let’s be honest… who doesn’t like spring shred? It came way to early this year, but we might as well enjoy it while it’s here…

The high temperatures got Mees a bit confused about the times we’re living in, but he’s probably partly the cause of the problem since he’s the one throwing down all these hot bangers.

Luckily Kevin is there to remind Mees we’re not living in the future. Although the lines this kid throws down and the way he makes it look easy might make you think he’s from a different planet or something…

To stop this confusion, we called in Nicolas Müller, because everybody recognises a good old backside müll-air!

OK OK. I hope that we’re clear now, the year is 2023 and we’re back for a new season of the crap show!

Expect silky smooth riding by Cedric Neff, Celia Petrig, Ariane Burri and Senna van Drunen. Make sure to watch the clip until the end, because we saved you a treat for last. Moritz Thönen, our latest acquisition to the LAAX Team shows us why supporting this guy is a total no-brainer.

Riders: Mees Oostdijk, Nicolas Müller, Cedric Neff, Kevin Trammer, Celia Petrig, Ariane Burri, Moritz Thönen & Senna Van Drunen

Film & Edit: Blume
Additional filming: Luca Hebling