The Craziest and Wildest Moments Of Red Bull Hardline | Best Of!

Few places in this world give mountain bikers more shivers than the Dyfi Valley in UK. Over the past decade the Welsh hillsides have provided the perfect terrain for Dan Atherton to turn his visions into reality. The most famous of them all is Red Bull Hardline — a track so rough, even the best of the best have to push themselves way out of their comfort zone to ride it top to bottom.

Every run down the unapologetic breath-taking, bone-breaking and hero-making line is a spectacle worth watching time and time again, yet some of them have gone down into the history books as the wildest Red Bull Hardline runs ever.

In order of appearance:
Gee Atherton from 2018
Dan Atherton from 2016
Bernard Kerr from 2016
Adam Brayton from 2017
Kaos Seagrave from 2019

Watch the replay of Red Bull Hardline 2019: