The Old World | A Mindtrip Through Europe OFFICIAL TRAILER 4K

15 athletes, 8 disciplines, 7 countries and 100% Europe. 🚵‍♀️

The Old World is the first dedicated European bike movie that is bridging the gap between mountain bike and BMX riding but also between action sport movies and feature films. 4 years in the making, The Old World touches down on unique European locations from the remote fjords of Norway, majestic Scottish highlands, rough alpine singletrack and the magical metropolis of Paris – the team travelled for two years to portrait the rich continental riding landscape and its biking stars.

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In a never before seen way The Old World portrays the various disciplines biking has to offer while telling the story of imagination and passion. Something every rider, sports fan and dreamer can relate to. Did you ever ride the contours of the passing landscapes with your hand on the passenger seat? Did you ever stare into a beautiful picture and it becomes alive in your mind? It’s this kind of imagination we all share.

In an artistic side story unusual for sports movies we follow newcomer Bless Amada on a mindtrip through a fantastic world of imagination that opens up to the wildest dreams of biking. Shot in a dedicated way each segment portrays a certain discipline, mindset and landscape to show Europe’s diverse riding culture and landscapes. The essence of European biking.

Project producers, The Tillmann Brothers, have gathered an exceptional roster of athletes from across the continent. Featuring Martin Söderström, Emil Johansson, Rachel Atherton, Chris Akrigg, Simon Johansson, Szymon Godziek, Dawid Godziek, Bienve Aguado Alba, Nico Vink, Diego Caverzasi, Nico Scholze, Bruno Hoffmann, Moritz Nussbaumer, Vincent Tupin and Matthias Dandois

The Tillmann Brothers are an award-winning creative filmmaker trio that share the same passion for film production and sports. Since 2013 the Munichs have been creating film projects together with their own film production company now called Tillmann Brothers. Their main focus are high class commercials and special interest content. Born in the digital age they bridge the world of classic film production and creative agency and deliver the full spectrum from creative campaign work, short formats like TV commercials and web edits to full movies.

Directed by Andi Tillmann
Produced by Tillmann Brothers
Co-Produced by Red Bull Media House
Presenting sponsor BMW
Sponsors Adidas TERREX, Vitec Group, Leitz

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