This Is Us In introduces “COALESCENCE”. (The joining or merging of elements to form one mass or whole.) It takes an army to make this all happen. Riders merging from all areas to accomplish one goal; have a blast riding in the mountains and create something to show, from it no matter who you are.

Featuring: Cam FitzPatrick, Travis Rice, Aaron Hallenbeck, Cooper Branham, Hans Mindnich, Chase Josey, Benji Farrow, Taylor Gold, Asher Humphreys and more.

Filming by: Jared Spieker, Wade Dustan, Justin Mayers, Frederick Norquist, Andrew Hook,, Matt Hines, Dustin Varga and Rich Goodwin.

Editing: Justin Mayers

Supported by: Blenders Eyewear, Rossignol Snowboards, Teton Thai, Trew, Niima, Avalon 7 and Bluebird Wax

Location: Wyoming

Produced by:
Cam FitzPatrick

Blenders Eyewear:
Chase Fisher
Grace McLaughlin
Bryant Mayberry
Jordan Youmans
Mac Nguyen

Rossignol Snowboards:
Matt Beers
Nick Castagnoli

Trew Gear:
Michael Hibbs
Chris Pew

Teton Thai:
Sam Johnson
Suchada Johnson

Bluebird Wax:
Willie Mcmillon

Avalon 7:
Rob Kingwill

Kelly Williams

Shred Bots:
Craig Gouweloos

Special Thanks:

Mike and Lee FitzPatrick
Rene Woodmencey
Dean Woodmencey
Woodmencey Family
Jared Spieker
Teton Thai Fam
Justin Mayers
Jon Miller
John Makens
Chuck Turquie´
Travis Rice
Rich Goodwin
Willie Mcmillon
Dustin Varga
Caelan Munz
Todd Berardi
Sam Phillips
Ryan Cruze
Ben Gavelda
Mark Howard
Nick Koldenhoven
Craig Gouweloos
Satellite Boardshop
Raul Pinto
Burton Snowboards
Pat Dodge
Morgan Bennett
Burton Rockies Crew
Anon Optics
Thomas Heckler
Danny Youngren
Tony and Julie Branham

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