Tons Of Air Time at Châtel Bike Park! | Big Mountain Freeriding – Ride With The Swedes S2E4

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Ride with the Swedes video series is back for its second season. This time Swedish MTB all-rounder Martin Söderström teamed up with his fellow countryman & Slopestyle superstar Emil Johansson. The Scandinavian MTB dream team are on a quest to hit & ride the best of what their home country and the world have to offer, having as much fun as they possibly can on the way.

In episode 4 Martin is joined by Simon Johansson for a trip to the legendary Châtel Bikepark. Although Simon & Emil are not related at all, they share much more than just a surname – limitless talent for ripping it with bikes for instance. After some rainy days and muddy laps, the two head for some airtime and finish off the trip with big jumps at the Reboul Jam course at the bottom of the Park!