West Virginia Downhill Mud Fest | Sidetracked w/ Eliot Jackson in Snowshoe

► Watch the Full Replay of the race on Red Bull TV: https://win.gs/UCISnowshoe2022

You know what they say… rain is one rider’s curse, but another one’s blessing. The UCI MTB Downhill World Cup in Snowshoe was different though. After two races in the dry, the conditions in West Virginia took everyone by surprise and even the biggest fans of the wet were struggling to find grip. The weather cleared for finals and the fans could cheer in the sun, but on track it was as sleek as it has even been, making the race anyone’s game. Eliot Jackson was on ground for the whole week, trying to make sense of it all.

Top 5 women:
1. Camille Balanche:4.28,585
2. Myriam Nicole 4.32,730
3. Nina Hoffmann 4.34,692
4. Vali Höll 4.44,489
5. Monika Hrastnik 4.45,362

Top 5 men:
1. Amaury Pierron: 3.34,442
2. Bernard Kerr: 3.34,856
3. Andreas Kolb: 3.36,250
4. Ronan Dunne: 3.37,013
5. Greg Minnaar 3.37,962

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