Would You Trick These Hits With No Brakes? | Irek Rizaev BMX Flow at Kazan Kremlin

Could this be the coolest BMX line ever?!

21-year-old Russian BMX champion, Irek Rizaev builds his dream skatepark in the heart of the Kazan Kremlin citadel in Russia.

Shooting from the perspective of an FPV drone, Irek recruits assistance of Tomz FPV to capture the best of his BMX tricks in the iconic citadel. The team carefully worked out each stage of the project on the territory of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and acted as carefully as possible. It was important to simultaneously achieve the stability of the figures and at the same time not to damage the ancient walls. The success of the project once again confirmed the deserved place of the Russian among the best BMX athletes in the world.

Drone Pilot – Tomz FPV: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7cjBQxfthxtAcQOcQmE-dQ