XCC Highlights from Snowshoe | UCI MTB World Cup 2019

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Snowshoe, USA – neutral territory for the cross-country title races this weekend. With a punchy track consisting of roots, rocks, mud and slick grass, cross-country racers used Friday’s XCC race as a great way to familiarise themselves with a fresh course.

Taking her second win of the season, Jenny Rissveds laid down an incredible race, taking action and making her attack at the opportune time to widen the gap and sustain it to the line for first place.
Over in the men’s race, a battle at the front of the leading group saw Nino Schurter pull away and take his first XC Short Track win, also securing himself enough points to take the overall World Cup title, ahead of Sunday’s XCO final.

Elite Women’s XCC Snowshoe results:
1. Jenny Rissveds +25:07
2. Pauline Ferrand-Prevot +0:08
3. Kate COURTNEY +0:11

Elite Men’s XCC Snowshoe results:
1. Nino Schurter 22:01
2. Titouan Carod +0:02
3. Jordan Sarrou +0:03